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Monday, February 20, 2012

Center Stage (photo)

I've been culling photos today and organizing them. OK, Lightroom (my editing/cataloging software) has been doing the heavy hitting in the organizing aspect. I LOVE Smart Collections! I also love that I can any one of my nearly 12,000 photos in less than 30 seconds.

I happily rediscovered this macro photo and thought I'd share. :)

Center Stage


  1. Very nice! Tell me about Lightroom! How is ti compared to PhotoShop and Gimp etc etc.

    While I'm here, I wanted to ask if there was a way to get an email update from you when you make new posts? You know, because I'm lazy and don't want to have to "manually" check to see if you have any updates haha. On my blog I installed a widget (available from Blogger) that has an email notification sign-up thingy.

    Also, how is Rondall? Have not seen any updates from him on G+ or on his blog in some time now. Please tell him I said hi.

  2. Hiya Jim~

    Just seeing this...sorry for the delay.

    Thanks for the compliment. :)

    Lightroom is awesome. I'm not very familiar with Gimp- seems to just be a basic photo editor? Lightroom edits and catalogs your photos. You can edit JPEGs in Lr, but the best thing is to take RAW's as you have more latitude as they retain far more information whereas JPEG's are compressed by your camera= information tossed out. I have Photoshop but rarely use it as Lightroom is far more intuitive. While one can use both Lightroom and Photoshop with photos Lightroom is considered a 'digital darkroom' and you can process pics in it as one would film in chemical baths. I currently use Lightroom 3, however Lightroom 4 is in BETA and one can download it now for free from Adobe until the retail version rolls out. Doing so ought to give you an idea of it. It's awesome. The warning is- it's Beta. Use it for individual pics and don't rely on it for everything at present as it's 'buggy'.

    If you look to the side-bar I do have a subscription thingy (I also note under this comment box is a subscribe by e-mail clickable link. :) Personally I utilize Google Reader so I don't get e-mails from every blog.

    Rondall is doing ok. :) It's mid-terms now so he's pretty busy creating tests, etc. and he just finished re-building his blog and website perhaps two weeks ago now? on a new platform. That was a big challenge with many setbacks. Thus he's been a tad quiet. :)