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Thursday, March 1, 2012

...of paper flowers (photo)

I took this photo today in my back yard. I suppose there are benefits to be had for not having mowed in months. I was playing with "depth of field" or DOF for short. All that was required was a scrim and two children. One child would have sufficed, however the first bailed out on me complaining about getting bit. I let him wimp out as he had secured a replacement child. (Good thing I have a few spares around here.) I realized I may be a tad obsessed and lacking in good sense upon noting the humongous mosquito bite on my forehead after I went in.  I knew one had landed on me, but I was framing a photo, dang it. Thank the Lord for Ledum. :)

Here's the pic:

"...of paper flowers"

I'm enjoying the various flowers that are popping up. :) I have put my husband on warning that there is one plant I do not wish to be mowed this weekend. It is a small purple wildflower. It's lovely! Purple and green are my favorite colors- so I'm in heaven, even if I have to walk all the way to the 'back 40' to get to it. Ok- it's not really that far, it just feels like it as it needs a good cut. I'd better get more shots. Fast.

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