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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It's official. I've gone off the deep end.

Of all things photography.  You know when you dream about flash guns ...and light... and capturing things "just so" you have it bad. I'm here to tell you- I have it bad. In all fairness- it ought not come as a surprise to those who really, truly know me. :)

If there is a 12 step program for people such as myself, don't bother telling me. I'm a lost cause, I'm afraid. I'll just stick my fingers in my ears. Happily. Photography is what makes my heart sing, ya know aside from my family/children.

I have discovered Google+, left Facebook in the dust (in terms of checking it more than once a day), and have been having a blast and learning a ton amongst the amazing photography community therein. :)

Are you on G+? You can find me here:

                                 A favorite recent photo:

(click to enlarge)