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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Portraits Are More Than Paper.

We've oft heard it said that a picture is worth a thousand words.

A photo can reveal a lot about someone...about a family. One can see the daughter who has her father's eyes, the son with his mother's smile, or the granddaughter with her grandfather's smile.  Through a photograph one can observe the love between a couple, or the playfulness within a family. Photos provide not only a sense of place, but also a visual, historical record that can answer a child's questions such as "Do I look like anyone in my family tree?" or an adult's query of what the house their parent grew up in looked like.

Through moments captured digitally (or on film) our departed loved ones live on in a tangible way. We can still touch them, and they us, if only through a photograph. Photographs tell stories, they spark our memories reminding us of the shape of one's mouth, the curve of their smile, or the textures of a person's hands after a life of toil.

I have precious photos of my mother-in-law with my children in various situations, the usual birthdays and such, but also in quiet moments as she was snuggling a sleeping baby, or helping a child with a task, or rather letting a child 'help' her.  I have never been so grateful of my penchant for photography as when the memories call me back in time and the photos vividly bring back those fleeting, precious moments.

I wish we'd had the opportunity for professional portraits with my mother-in-law. Some were attempted, but fell far short in execution. I'm still sad about that, but remain forever grateful that I  had used my own camera liberally over the years.

The blog title is not mine. It is taken, in part, from the blog post linked below. Please, read it.

As I've been typing this I await news on the results of emergency surgery of one dear friend with an unknown tumor, and later today another sweet friend must hand her infant over for necessary open heart surgery. Life can turn in an instant. Make and record memories.

**Always make certain that any photographer you choose for your precious memories has more than just a fancy camera- make sure they know how to use it and even how to focus it properly with a group. If photographs are to be taken inside- make sure the photographer is knowledgeable in how to properly light the area in order to ensure the best possible results and proper exposure. View their portfolio!**

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