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Monday, September 19, 2011

Not Everyone Likes You | A Day Without Sushi

This post resonated with me so I'm passing it along.

The last six months have been pretty rough for our family due to my husband taking a principled stand on an important issue dealing with integrity within our small community. It has resulted in a... sort of falling from grace, if you will. It's been really interesting watching the reactions of people which range from total denial, to the oft voiced "I'm so glad you spoke up!" Such a situation can be really eye-opening. It provides an opportunity that allows one to take note of how others act and how we ourselves act under adverse situations. Sometimes, one finds themselves at great odds with the prevailing culture, as we have. It can be very challenging, but God gives the grace needed moment by moment. For us, this situation has  resulted in significant personal cost (financially/emotionally/you name it)...when it wasn't even about us in the first place. It was about standing for God and His principles no matter the cost. We are not to count our cost, only to do what is right in God's eyes.
Sometimes doing the right thing results in great pain and one being maligned. People assume they know you or the situation leading up to your stand when they have not even cared to ask from a position of trying to see or understand ... yet they attribute a negative characteristic towards you anyways.

In all things we are to be content and find our joy and position in Christ alone. It is not easy and some days it's minute by minute, but it is needful. We were created to glorify God in word and deed.


  1. So many of us have fallen from grace for standing for God against our brothers and sisters that it makes you think, "What's up with that?"

    What shook my faith so much was the bafflement about the Holy Spirit. How can we all have the Holy Spirit when so few act like it? And how can the Spirit be telling me something so clear and strong and the other person either isn't being told anything or just isn't listening?

    It is frustrating.

    And I loved that piece too.

  2. Yes, Chloe, it certainly does make you think and it's not comforting at times to be certain.

    Your question is a good one. I'm left with a few things: only God knows the hearts of men; just because one says "Lord, Lord" it does not make them one of His for He will tell a number to depart from Him for He never knew them; People can choose to listen to the Lord or not- and just like we humans there are many who choose to ignore that still small voice (it takes an active listener, a willingness to hear it) and there are many who will choose to ignore that voice because to do so would require something more of them than they think they possess, or it may cost them more than they are willing to pay.

    I am glad He knows men's hearts and the responsibility does not rest with me! I can, however, witness the fruit of one's life- the ones that bear good fruit are hard to miss. :)