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Friday, September 2, 2011

Contigo's Truly Leak-Proof Bottles and Mugs.

I have to say I just LOVE Contigo's BPA free bottles/cups! Over a year ago I was on the quest for a leak-proof cup that was actually what it claimed to be- ya know, leak-proof. I am beyond thrilled!

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This is my favorite bottle that they produce and I take mine with me wherever I go. I clip it onto my purse strap and off I go. Is it the height of fashion? No, not really.However, since I drink water most of the time and can't stomach chlorinated water I have found it to be a trade-off I can live with.  I have recently discovered that I struggle with a lack of hydration, my first clue being dry lips. I wish I would have known that earlier in life as it would have saved me a small fortune on Blistex and Chapstick. I have found I struggle less with a lack of hydration when I keep my bottle near me as doing so reminds me to drink. I can get a bit hyper-focused at times and hydration does not tend to top the list. :) I love the hands-free manner in which I can carry my bottle so my hands are free to tend to my young children. Due to their lid design they are also quite easy for children to carry as they can hook their fingers through the lid instead of trying to wrap their small hands around the circumference of the bottle. In fact, it works well for me too. :)

My bottles get plenty of abuse. I cannot count how many times they have been dropped by my children... or myself. In fact, I just finished ordering 2 replacement lids. The cool thing is that I bought them on sale 20% off and they did not charge me shipping. That is customer service, in my book. In fact, Contigo takes it a step further. I tried calling them yesterday but was unable to get through. I could not recall my ID or Password. True to their word a representative called me back in (less than) 24 hours and helped me. I appreciate the assist as my brain just gets fatigued will all the different things I have to recall in a day for myself and the other 6 members of my family, and passwords are the worst.

All told we have at least 5 different styles of Contigo's water bottles. I have not been unhappy with any of them.

I also own two of these West Loop travel mugs:

They are awesome as they simply do not leak. Mine roll all over my car and get tossed in bags sideways and I don't ever worry about my coffee spilling on anything. (Suggestion about Sunday school- don't hold the cup ready to drink with your fingers on the release button with your bible on your lap , because when your bible starts to slide off your lap....yeah.) This travel mug will keep your beverage warm for over 4 hours. One word of advice though- if you have a hot beverage in this mug press the button to release the pent up steam before it's right under your nose. :)

If you are looking for great leak-proof mug of cup you should give these a try. I recommend them simply because I use them personally and love them. There is a wider variety available through their on-line store, however I have seen them at Target and Sears and have heard they have been sold at Costco as well.


  1. I have an H20zone and it chirps when I use it. I've grown used to it, but it is really annoying in public places. I'd like to try the first one.

  2. Chloe, I don't think you'll be disappointed. At least I hope not. :)

  3. I keep seeing the mug ones at costco and I think "Surely they can't be that great."

    Thanks for the review. Next time I'm there I'm getting a two pack!

  4. Rachel- a 2 pack is wise. One for him, one for her. Saves fights that way. ;)