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Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Photos 2011

I know I have been notably absent from my blog...well, to me, anyways. :)

I thought I'd post the photos I took yesterday of my children. I had been wanting to corral them all to attempt some portraits and they all finally co-operated. It was a wonderful present to me. :)

(Click on photos to enlarge in a black lightbox.)

 My 3yo- T.

T. and my 6yo, C.

No surprise- nothing happened- besides the fact C. was determined to keep me from seeing a smile. :)

M., my 9yo. He was determined to hold a present in his lap for his photo.

No- M. did not blink. He's actually loving on his little sister. Love it!


E., my 15yo.

K., my 18yo.

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