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Monday, March 1, 2010

Yay! No more Magnolia trees!!!

Can you see me jumping up and down in delight??
You might wonder what, exactly, I have against Magnolia trees. Well- nothing really. I think they are beautiful trees. I come from a part of the country where they are not common. I love how they are different than the types of trees I grew up seeing. I enjoy looking at them. But...

..I do not enjoy seeing them right out my front window. Right on the veritable edge of my property. Right UP the street...being located where the wind blows down the street and past them...onto my driveway and into my front yard. Thus the magnolia trees as beautiful as they were...were my nemesis.
Oh we have trees in our yard. A few pine trees and a huge oak. But the litter from those evergreen trees pales in comparison to the constant deluge from the magnolias. There were also quite skillful at evading the mulching blades.
So I am rubbing my hands in glee!! My blower will be happy as well. Not to mention my 17yo son. :)

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